Hiya! My name is Maggie and I’m excited to share my passion for cooking and eating with all of you! Being in the kitchen after a hard day at work brings peace and balance to my life in a way that is hard to explain in words, but easy to show in the dishes I make. I’m still learning, and nothing I make is perfect, but that’s what I love most about cooking. I’m always learning something new, and I hope you find something new to love here too!

Frankie & I live in the northern suburbs of Chicago with our amazing Cardigan Welsh Corgi named Lord Tuggs. He’s on Instagram (@lordtuggs) in case anyone is looking for a lot of cute corgi content. ANYWAY, the photo above is actually of us in front of our new home! Frankie actually grew up not too far from where we’ve decided to settle down and begin the next chapter of our lives, whereas I grew up in Hong Kong for most of my formative years, though I’m originally from southern Ohio. While I’m a Midwestern girl at heart, I have a serious sense of adventure and enjoy eating foods from all around the world, and making those dishes in my very own kitchen (see below!).

And during my time in Chicago, I somehow found a new talent for making sugar cookies, which started with making cookies that looked like Tuggs! And from there, a number of the corgi community caught wind I could customize cookies to look like their own corgis, and I just kind of took off from there! It’s been a fun avenue to explore as I never really thought of myself as a baker. If you’d like to check out some of the sets I’ve been commissioned to design and make over the last year, you can check out my Instagram, or my Etsy Shop.