Hi! My name is Maggie. I’m a home cook living in Chicago with a full-time job that enjoys trying new recipes outside of her comfort zone—provided there are zero mushrooms, because, fun fact, I am allergic to mushrooms! Not in the “I’m going to die” kind of way, but I do get very very sick, very very quickly, so I’ll usually substitute them for a different veggie—and I guess that comes from my childhood upbringing in Hong Kong, and all the traveling my family and I did in the years we lived there. I watch Food Network pretty exclusively, I’m always on Pinterest and Food52, and am starting to scratch my cookbook itch (reading them, not writing them)! I’m always looking for ways to adjust recipes that I find, to see how I can boost or change the flavor, and I’m always down to try something new if only to say that I challenged myself! Oh, and did I mention that I love to try new places around Chicago? Yeah, I wish I had a separate and unlimited budget for that, but then again, who doesn’t?

I’m more of a tester than a creator, so this blog is mainly to serve others like myself, who don’t always have the time to sift through the thousands of recipes on the internet, and highlight the best and most delicious recipes that I’ve discovered online and through cookbooks, along with any cool tips I gather as I go, because it’s hard to know what is good and what’s not. That’s why I started this blog! I want to share my experiences with food, because I love to eat and cook and write about food, as well as share the new foods and places I’m trying around Chicago (and some other cities since I do travel from time to to time), so keep an eye out for recommendations too!

This is still an evolution in the making, but I hope that it helps someone, anyone, find a little more fun and adventure in their cooking at home!

PS. Unless otherwise noted, all photos and recipes are my own.