Custom Cookies

COST: $50/dozen for 1-3 Designs
COST: $60/dozen for 4-6 Designs

Don’t see what you’re looking for? No problem, let’s chat! I am used to making custom cookies, so I would be thrilled to try something new for you!

Since every unique order takes more time to plan and coordinate for a one-person business, I will not accept cutter changes or quantity increases once we are 2 weeks away from shipping.

Each cookie will be packaged in clear bags with my logo sticker. If you would like to use personalized stickers, I will send the cookies in bags to you to apply them yourselves (that way there is no risk of losing the stickers to the mail monster).

Interested in ordering some cookies? Fill out the form below.

Interested in ordering these cookies? Fill out the form below.

Cookie Order Form

Please note, that your order is not confirmed until you get an email for me saying so (followed by your invoice). I’m looking forward to seeing how this experiment turns out, and I look forward to working with you!