Pet Birthday Cookies

COST: $50/dozen

Is it your corgi’s birthday?! AMAZING! HAPPY BORKDAY! Want cookies to celebrate? Awesome, I’m here for it!

I am now doing puppy birthday cookie sets! Cookies will include 4 dog cookies (custom made to look like your pup), 4 cakes with a bone on it (with pink for girls, blue for boys, or your favorite color!), and 4 balloons with the age on them (same colors from cakes will apply). These cookies are for humans, but your canine companion can have a little!

These cookies are made to order (from scratch) and are shipped 1-2 days after the final icing touches are dried and finished.

ALLERGENS: Flour (wheat), eggs.

Interested in ordering these cookies? Fill out the form below.

Cookie Order Form

Please note, that your order is not confirmed until you get an email for me saying so (followed by your invoice). I’m looking forward to seeing how this experiment turns out, and I look forward to working with you!