Delicious Reads

Now and again, I feel the need to look through an actual, hardback cookbook for recipe inspiration when the internet seems to just have too many ideas about the kinds of meals I could make. So I thought, why not have a list of the books I’ve bought, used, and list some of the recipes I’ve tried & loved! Some may not have blog posts related to them, but if they do, they will be linked accordingly! Book links will direct you to Amazon and author links to their personal websites if applicable! Happy reading, cooking, and eating!

Back Pocket Pasta: Inspired Dinners to Cook on the FlyColu Henry


Simple: Effortless Food, Big FlavoursDiana Henry


The Smitten Kitchen CookbookDeb Perelman


Smitten Kitchen Every Day: Triumphant and Unfussy New FavoritesDeb Perelman


Eat What You Watch: A Cookbook for Movie LoversAndrew Rea (aka. Binging with Babish)


One thought on “Delicious Reads

  1. Hi Maggie, your posts are better and better! I have a stack of new cookbooks and am loving Nigella Lawson’s new one and Tamar Adler’s latest. Not brand new but fabulous is By Allison Roman. Hope you are well and enjoying the wedding prep!


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