On What’s New for 2022!

Hey Everyone!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I hope you’re all continuing to stay safe and healthy as Omicron continues to make its way to just about everyone these days…

I don’t have a recipe for you all this week, but instead, I’m going to make a quick little announcement about some updates to the blog! [Insert drumroll and fanfare here!]

In the hopes that I will be able to have better control over my time and availability for making cookies, I have moved my entire business RIGHT HERE!! To the blog!! Look at the top, see the Cookie Orders header? That’s it! That’s where you can find all my available cookie options (plus if you click on the images, you will be able to see more details and pricing and other variations of that order that I’ve done), and the link to my Cookie Order Form, which all available options for making cookies This is where you can include all the pertinent information I’ll need and that it’s! You’ll get an invoice from Square and a confirmation email, then we’re off to the races so to speak!

I’m really excited about this experiment and I did decide to keep my Etsy shop open if only to help redirect traffic to my cookie order page here and keep better control over everything and avoid any inconvenient issues that I had working on Etsy (primarily, no one reading my descriptions/reviewing my availability for making/shipping cookies, or when I couldn’t fulfill and order and refunded them, the only way to remove it from my to do list was to mark it as shipped…just a mess…not to mention that folks don’t check their Etsy conversations as often as email, so a lot of times I wouldn’t be able to get a verification/confirmation when I needed it)…again…just a mess.

Anyway! I already have a number of orders on the books ( thank you repeat customers!) and I’m so excited for this year’s upcoming orders!

Hope you all are well and safe! – Cooking Maggie

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