On Cookies with Maggie

Hey Everyone!

If you haven’t seen already, we have a new addition to our little family! Meet Floyd Pupper (after the bass playing Muppet Floyd Pepper of the Electric Mayhem Muppet band), and he’s a goofy little nugget, that’s for sure! You can see all the adorable puppy updates on Tuggs’ instagram (@lordtuggs).

This week’s cookie highlight is for the charity event I participated in with the Chicago Corgi Cavalcade: Live Like Roo Foundation Cancer Walk. We held a Corgi Kissing Booth (also included a photo below), so the photos below are the cookies I made to sell for the event and I had a blast making them! Below are my next shipping dates and availability, so if interested, be sure to check out my shop by clicking on Cookie Orders up at the top!

NEXT SHIPPING DATES & AVAILABILITY (These are shipping dates / 1 Slot = up to 2 dozen)

  • November 1-6: 1 slot available
  • November 7-13: 1 slots available
  • November 14-20: Thanksgiving Cookies Only
  • November 29-December 4: 2 slots available
  • December 5-11: 2 slots available
  • December 12-18: Christmas Cookies Only

Hope you all are well and safe! – Cooking Maggie

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