On Cookies with Maggie, Birthdays, & Tuggs

Hey Everyone!

Before I touch base on the cookies of this week, most of you may have noticed that I had posted a recipe then took it down. I did so because I was dealing with a Tuggs emergency (more on that in a moment) and decided it was not the week to post anything. I promise it will be posted next week instead.

As for Tuggs, you may have seen me post a few things about him last week. We discovered that, after noticing some alarming digestive behaviors, Frankie & I took him into an urgent care for an evaluation, and I am still so very grateful that we did. Had we waited much longer, the result would have been much harder to fix. As it was, Tuggs was diagnosed with bilateral perineal hernia, the cause of which is still unknown as it can occur in any dog, male or female, but most often in intact dogs. As such, Tuggs needed immediate surgery to not only repair the hernia, but to also remove his gems (Tuggs was still intact this time last week), and to adhere his colon and bladder to the soft tissue (a specialty procedure known as a Pexy) so as to give him the best shot at not getting this again. We will likely have to revisit surgery for the other hernia down the way (you never do both in one go), but we aren’t sure when that will be right now, and if we’re lucky, maybe we won’t have to at all. Considering that today is my birthday, I am just grateful that I get more time with my fluffy schmoo bear. He’s been an absolute trooper and has been thoroughly enjoying his royal post-op treatment of wagon carries and walks, all the snuggles with mom and dad (who are lucky enough to still be working from home to keep an eye on him), but we’ve still a long way to go. (And special thank you to all of you who reached out over Instagram, Facebook, and the blog to provide well wishes and speedy recoveries.)

Now, onto this week on Cookies with Maggie! Below we have a quick reminder on my availability and calling all Halloween orders, which must be placed by September 30th! As a reminder, here are what those look like!

  • September 12-18: 3 slots available
  • September 19-25: 2 slots available
  • September 26-October 2: 3 slots available
  • October 21-27: Halloween Cookies Only
  • November 1-6: 2 slots available
  • November 7-13: 2 slots available
  • November 14-20: Thanksgiving Cookies Only
  • November 29-December 4: 2 slots available
  • December 5-11: 2 slots available
  • December 12-18: Christmas Cookies Only

Hope you all are well and safe! – Cooking Maggie

3 Comments Add yours

    1. Hi Bernadette,

      Apologies for not writing back to you sooner, but yes I do ship nationwide! I charge $20/box which fits up to 2 dozen. Hope this helps!


      Liked by 1 person

      1. BERNADETTE says:

        Yes, thank you.


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