On Cookies with Maggie

Hey Everyone! This week on Cookies with Maggie, we have a couple of bridal shower cookie sets that I did! I also recently published my availability on my Instagram in case anyone is looking to place an order! I’ll also include my availability below too, but note that I’m not taking any orders of more than 2 dozen for the rest of the year. My Etsy store reopens August 1st! Yay!

  • August 22-28: 1 slot available
  • September 12-18: 3 slots available
  • September 19-25: 2 slots available
  • September 26-October 2: 3 slots available
  • October 21-27: Halloween Cookies Only
  • November 1-6: 2 slots available
  • November 7-13: 2 slots available
  • November 14-20: Thanksgiving Cookies Only
  • November 29-December 4: 2 slots available
  • December 5-11: 2 slots available
  • December 12-18: Christmas Cookies Only

Hope you all are well and safe! – Cooking Maggie

One Comment Add yours

  1. BERNADETTE says:

    Your cookies are exceptional. Good luck with your business. Do you ship?


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