On Smitten’s Chicken Chili

I know it’s getting really warm out, BUT I was craving something hearty, so I went with a chicken chili from Smitten Kitchen! This one I made on the stove instead of the crock pot (I was too late in my day to go that route), and while it is VERY GOOD (naturally), I do have some thoughts.


  1. It needs a liiiiiiittle more heat in my opinion – an extra jalapeno or an extra kick of chili powder or paprika, just for an extra kick
  2. Canned beans are okay to use – she mentions using dried beans and they come out great, but I couldn’t find the small red beans and wasn’t using my crock pot so I didn’t want to risk having crunchy beans, you know? So I went the canned pinto & black bean route and it worked out beautifully!
  3. Serve the chili with some avocado! I did cilantro, green onion, sour cream, and chihuahua cheese, but I think the avocado would be a great addition to it!


White chicken chili is next on my list, but in a few weeks since it’s getting a little too warm for those long cooking times. =)

Chicken Chili from Smitten Kitchen



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