How I Make Cookies & ZELDA COOKIES!

As promised, I’ve got links (not a Zelda pun this time, even though I’ll be raging about the Zelda cookies I just did for funsies) and a rundown of my set up! Keep in mind, this is just a small side hustle that I fell into, so by no means is any of this fancy, but it’s all the space I really need, especially with my dining room table right behind me to hold anything else I might need at close range as I’m working (luster spray/dust, brushes, sprinkles, etc.). But all I use is my large cutting board (a wedding gift from one of my mom’s friends), my projector stand, and the projector itself, and the table is big enough that I even have a little space for my ipad to sit (which I use for displaying the images and watching TV/Movies while not projecting). But that’s it! It’s not fancy, but incredibly effective for the fun and creative cookies I’ve been making recently! I did want to include some additional notes below first.



Note #1: For the projector – while you can order the HDMI cords online, I would recommend going to a physical store so you get the right ones. I know others have been able to get just the one adapter cord, but what I got online was incorrect, so I ended up going to Best Buy ANYWAY to get the adapters I needed, and it turned out I needed a second adapter as well…it’s not pretty, but it works! I’m not sure if it’s the model I have that now requires the two connectors, or if there is an actual adapter online you can get (as soon as I purchased my adapters, I didn’t bother to look online), but I would wait to get the projector in hand before buying the connector.

Note #2: To get your iPad to project, it must be plugged in! No one said that in the PICO set up YouTube videos I watched, but it must be plugged in.

Note #3: The PICO has a very short battery life, so if you have an Android or Kindle charger cord that’s longer than what comes with the PICO, I’d use it and make sure your PICO is plugged in the whole time. Again, it’s not pretty, but if it works, it works.

Note #4: The stand also works for holding my phone so I can TimeLapse my icing videos!

Main Equipment

Additional Equipment

Cookie Cutters

  • Ann Clark Cooke Cutters
  • ETSY – seriously, ETSY has EVERYTHING and so many vendors are making unique cookies that really stand out! Love them!

Apps – these are great additions for making projecting images/words easy

  • Camera-Lucida (to easily adjust the image that’s being projected)
  • Phonto (for fonts – you can use theirs, OR follow these instructions to download fonts)


If you have any questions or additional tips, let me know! But – now for what I most recently spent my week working on: ZELDA. COOKIES! Recently, I have been OBSESSIVELY playing Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BOTW), and as with anything you do for a lot of time, if not all the time, a break is always good to recalibrate back to neutral – plus, when my day job gets really busy, I am sometimes too tired to get my butt in the kitchen, so BOTW has been a really lovely way for me to switch off and just be somewhere else for a bit. I have a long list of cookies I’m working on and I got to try out stamping for the first time, and I have to say…while I was REALLY excited about it, when it comes to stamp cookies, the ones where the stamps are built into the actual cutter are the most FRUSTRATING cutters to work with…the stamp cutters where the stamp is separate from the cutter are far easier to work with, so if you’re interested in stamped cookies, look for the ones where the stamps are separate from the actual outline cutter. That will make it SO much easier to make the impression (that doesn’t go all the way through the dough) while the cutter gets around the whole thing.



But these little beauties are just one more example of why I’m addicted to the craft of sugar cookies now – they were SO much fun to make, and the stamping was a fun way to decorate my cookies despite my frustrations with them. But next time, I will be adding a layer of flour and possibly even lightly spraying the cutters with some cooking oil to prevent sticking…the worst, but still SUPER fun!

PS! Don’t forget to check out my Etsy Shop & order your own cookies today! — Cooking Maggie


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