SO MANY Cookies

Hi all! This isn’t a real post, but rather, just a conglomeration of some of the different kinds of cookies I’ve been making as of late! This is becoming a bit of a side hustle for me, and I’m having WAY too much fun creating custom and unique cookies! I’ve even got a new deck of business cards that include some of my cookie creations, AND I’ve made some gift certificates for custom corgi cookies (and eventually just custom cookies) that can be purchased separately, but will be donated as part of future raffle prizes at Chicago Corgi Cavalcade events! We also like to go to those ourselves with Tuggs because the events always donate proceeds from each event to rescue shelters and other amazing local causes (most recently, they donated proceeds from the Corgi Swim Party in January to aid in the aftermath of the tragic kennel fire in West Chicago that claimed 31 dogs a week before the event took place). They do great work, and our pups have a ton of fun, so getting to be a sponsor is a huge honor, and I’ll get to make more corgi cookies too, so I’m stoked! I’m going to (eventually) add a few more pay buttons on my cookie order page for custom cookie orders & gift certificate purchases! It’s all a work in progress! #sidehustle

With regards to my set up, I promise to take a video of my little home cookie office this week! I just had too many samples to finish that it slipped my mind!

You can always see what cookies I’m working on via my Instagram (@therealcookingmaggie)! And eventually, perhaps over the next few weeks, will put up a more general cookie order form on my Cookie Order page! – Cooking Maggie


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