Back to the grind…

If you were tuning in for a new post, you’ll have sadly noticed that I missed last week because I was in San Francisco eating my way through all the bad things I won’t be able to have now that I’m back home because Frankie & I are going to go back on a whole30-esque diet. We’re just tired of feeling sluggish in a bodily sort of way…working out can only do so much (and I’ve been trying to hit the gym at least 4 mornings a week at my office building), but the eating part goes hand in hand. This does NOT mean I will stop making cookies…I find too much joy in making them to stop, but that will mean minimal (if any) indulging in my creations for the next bit and a half. To all my lovely friends, keep an eye on your mailbox! <3 And since it’s Tuesday and I have nothing else to report, here’s a short little photo gallery post of all the fun and delicious things we enjoyed on our week away! Be sure to check out my Dining Out page for restaurant/dish/drink recommendations for anyone in the area! Check you all next Tuesday for a new recipe (and some cookies! Corgi cookies are coming back and then I want to try marbling! I got a mini projector, so I’ve got some BIG ideas coming up!).


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