Corgi Cookie Cutouts Pt 2

Okay fans! ROUND 2…ICE! That’s right! The new Cardigan & Pembroke cutters have arrived and I decided to take another stab at icing cookies the day after our annual Christmas party, which was a little silly in hindsight, but I couldn’t wait another day to get into it! But real quick, some housekeeping!

Corgi Cookie Orders are now live! If you would like Pem or Cardi cookies by yours truly and would like them customized to look like your little one, you can submit your order through my contact page! I will be fulfilling orders in the order I receive them and have properly prepared Frankie for my complete domination of the dining room table for all my future cookie making projects. I’m almost certain that I’m starting to love baking to a whole new level and will likely be doing a cookie series in the future…don’t worry though! I will continue to have a new savory recipe every week, but perhaps on the weekends (since Saturday is really my one true day of solitude while Frankie kicks grad school butt) I will do a weekly post on a new cookie design or new cookie recipe? WHO KNOWS! To all my coworkers & friends, be ready to be my guinea pigs!

But back to this round of corgi cookies. If ANYTHING, I was WAY more prepared to tackle these than last time, and I know these cookies truly benefited from it. The past few days of full-on baking & icing also revealed a lot about myself as a budding baker (I’m not letting it get to my head but I am definitely feeling more confident and comfortable).

Corgi Cookie Cutouts Pt 2 12-15-2018

Prep: I decided to spend about twenty minutes or so completely disassembling the roll of parchment I had, cutting it to the exact width and length of my largest cookie sheet pan so that all I had to do was pull two pieces out when I’m ready to roll – saved me at least 15 minutes on getting set up. The other thing I did was cut the piping bags down to about 8-10″ because the smaller size fits better in my head for a more precise application of the icing.

Corgi Cookie Cutouts Pt 2 12-15-2018

Dough: I am now a firm believer that mass vs volume (aka. weighing your ingredients vs. cup method) is a better method for making cookies. My electric scale was $20 on Amazon, so it was a great investment long term in my opinion, and my dough stays more consistent this way as well.

Corgi Cookie Cutouts Pt 2 12-15-2018

Icing: I am now just making one large lump and storing it in my largest Tupperware with a bit of plastic wrap over the top to keep it fresh over a few days, so I’m not making icing every time. I’m also not using as much icing because I’ve found that I end up not using all of a color – so instead, I’m working with about one ice cream scoop worth per color so my bags stay on the smaller side, and I have more icing to use later down the road for other colors that I will need to make. I’m still figuring out the correct consistency for the outline, BUT I’m pretty sure I’ve pretty much got it down!

Corgi Cookie Cutouts Pt 2 12-15-2018

Piping: With this latest batch, I broke down the icing into two days – day one is the foundation of the design, and day two are the fine details (eyes, cheeks, spots, floof – which is still a work in progress as I am playing around with the new piping tips I bought to see what will give me the best floof effect), but I’ve learned that when I set some time aside to focus on particular piping phases, the cookies turn out better, vs trying to do it all in one go. And I’ve been figuring out whether I like outlines vs. no outlines, and while both are adorable, I think outlines look better and add a really beautiful cartoonish quality to the designs!

Corgi Cookie Cutouts Pt 2 12-15-2018Corgi Cookie Cutouts Pt 2 12-15-2018Corgi Cookie Cutouts Pt 2 12-15-2018

I’m still traversing the roads of shipping, but I’m sure I will have more information or ideas to provide once my first few rounds go! I already have my individual bags & stickers for them, but the preparing them for transport so they don’t break in transit is what has me a little freaked out if I’m being totally honest. Hopefully the cookies I sent to my grandparents as a belated birthday card & gift for Mamaw make it intact! Will keep everyone posted on that as we proceed down the road, then perhaps I can dedicate a post to how I ship cookies – right now my first shipment is for four, but when it comes to a full dozen, that’s where things will get interesting.

Corgi Cookie Cutouts Pt 2 12-15-2018

None the less, I hope you all are enjoying the remaining days of 2018! All the best, Cooking Maggie

Recipes can be found in Part 1 (linked here).

Corgi Cookie Cutouts Pt 2 12-15-2018


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