Turning 30: Daisies and The Franklin Room

First off, I want to give a BIG post-birthday shoutout to my main man Frankie!! This hunk turned thirty over the weekend and we spent the WHOLE weekend (or at least…most of the weekend since the poor guy had his last day of class for the semester on his actual birthday) celebrating him and his amazingness! I spent the time he was in class cleaning up the house, taking Tuggs to the dog park to run around, I made his favorite cupcakes for folks at Laugh Out Loud when he was performing for Booze Your Own Adventure, he got to sleep in on Sunday, we bought our XMAS tree, and, oh yeah, we ate. Boy did we eat and eat well to boot: Daisies AND The Franklin Room!!

Frankie's 30th Birthday 12-08-2018

Frankie's 30th Birthday 12-08-2018

How do you say obsessed? OBSESSED! And by obsessed I mean we’ve been to Franklin Room now 3 times in 5 weeks? Yeah, it’s THAT good, but when you have great excuses to go like a friend in town, or your hubbies birthday, or just because you deserve a really delicious Old Fashion after a long day of work and the hubby was right around the corner from it and thought, why not?! But this place is legit! Service is incredible, the food is on point, the drinks out of this world, and the whole ambiance really brings it all home! And if you like whiskey, this is the place for you! Their list is extensive and diverse! You want it, they’ll have it! As for the selections we picked this time around, take a little looksie below, but definitely check these places out! They are amazing and you’ll want to keep going back, not just because the food is good, but because no matter what you order, there’s no way you can’t like it! Also! Big shout out to our buddies at both spots who hooked us up with some seriously delicious desserts! No sweet things for me for quite some time, that’s for sure!

Frankie's 30th Birthday 12-08-2018

Daisies: Onion Dip, Carrot Rillettes, Agnolotti, Tajarin, Kahlua Cake, Seasonal Fruit & Oat Square, Apple Crostata, Root Beer Float! Note: Daisies is a little on the darker side ambiance wise, so my apologies if the photos look blurry. However, as I mentioned before, serious shout out for basically all the desserts! So amazingly delicious, and even without the desserts, one of the main reasons we LOVE going to Daisies as often as we do is simply because, for the amount you spend, you will NOT leave hungry. Ever. We split two appetizers and two pastas and we were definitely in food baby mode, so you definitely get all the bang for your buck!

The Franklin Room: Parmesan Truffle Fries, Bourbon Battered Wisconsin Cheese Curds, Cauliflower Parmesean Tots, Butternut Shrimp Bisque, Pan Seared Diver Scallops, Squid Ink Pasta, Spicy Bourbon Burger, FR Cheese Burger, Key Lime Pie, Deep Dish Cookie. (For other food recommendations, check out my Dining Out Page!)

And there you have it! The weekend’s feasting in a nutshell, but if I haven’t said it often enough, GO GO GO! Make an impromptu date night with your significant other, family, or friends, and check these places out! It will be well worth it, I promise! Hope everyone is having a wonderful week, and tune in next week for photos/thoughts on this year’s Christmas Party Extravaganza! WOOT WOOT! — Cooking Maggie


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