On Being Back, Housekeeping, and Recipe Remakes

HELLO HELLO HELLO!!! It is so nice to be back again! For anyone who has been married, or is in the process, I’m sure you know how exhausting it can be when you get to those last couple months, weeks, days…so taking a break from the blog was honestly the best decision I could have done for myself – that being said, I have missed being in my kitchen, and while it’s not the most relaxing time to be in my kitchen (don’t worry, I’m almost there), the moments I am in the kitchen are peaceful.



It’s nice to get back to normal life…though, maybe not so fast…as it turns out, we will be moving at the end of the month. YEAH…that…unfortunately the building we live in is being sold, so we are starting to pack up ship and move sliiiiightly westward from where we are now (neighborhoods, not states or anything outlandish like that). Thankfully, we’ll still be on the same train line, and our new place is sandwiched between two different stops! Not to mention it’s just a seven minute walk from one of my besties, Melissa, AND one of our favorite dog-friendly & Tuggs-loving bars! Oh, and did I mention that, while the kitchen might be a little smaller than my current one, EVERYTHING is NEW. I mean, brand-spanking new and updated appliances! I. CAN. NOT. WAIT. It’s the most beautiful little kitchen I’ve ever been in, and you know what, small is okay by me! Too big, then you feel the need to fill the empty spaces with appliances and do-hickies you don’t actually use or even really need, and I’ve been wanting to go a la minimalist now that I’ve streamlined my equipment post-wedding! Thankfully, the cabinets don’t hit the ceiling, so there’s added storage for certain equipment items (like my new crockpot) right off the bat! The place is so beautiful and I cannot wait to get into it in just a little over two weeks from now!



House Keeping: Just a real quick touch up on posting (how often, content, etc.) – Tuesdays are going to be for new recipes, new content, and Thursday’s will be primarily for Instagram (with a segment I’m going to call Recipe Remakes in honor of Throw Back Thursdays!), since I have not had ANY time to update any of my past recipe posts to the new format (including easy, printable recipe cards) with the new website. I’m also super thrilled to bring back Cooking with Alex on a weekly basis again (after I move, so mid-November should be the first reveal) and I’m hoping to have those posts out Saturday evening. So 1-2 new posts a week, with a revisit/revamp of an old post once a week!



Which now leads me to our first Recipe Remake! Alex’s Pork Noodle Bowls! Not only is the post updated with the easy to print card, BUT I improvised a new, Spicy Soy Ginger sauce to go with it! Compared to the Nuoc Cham Sauce, it’s not as sweet and has more of a bite to it, and for my taste, I just prefer more savory bites over sweet. And compared to last time, my pork is MUCH darker than the last time, but I think that’s simply because I didn’t really do a great job of measuring out my marinade ingredients (especially the soy sauce). Just kind of threw it all together, and perhaps it also has something to do with my new copper cookware (still to be determined as I’ve only made 2 things with it at the moment), but I thought this round came out MUCH better than my first go around.



I hope that you take the time to check out the new sauce & recipe card, and I’ll be back again on Tuesday with a new post and NEW RECIPE! Until then my lovlies, ta-ta!

PS. For those who want to see pictures, DON’T FRET! They are coming, but I want to write up a post about my thoughts on marriage and the wedding, and that takes some time. It just happened after all and I’m still in that basking glory moment – plus I want to pair a cool recipe with it based on our wedding food, so let me think on it for a hot minute! Plus, if you’re patient, my photographer might be done with my photos sooner rather than

— Cooking Maggie

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  1. So glad you’re back. Can’t wait for pictures. Reliable sources say it was just perfect. Currently in Italy eating very well indeed!

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