On Take-Out Noodles at Home

Let’s talk easy peasy lemon squeezy, and by that, I mean Chinese Take-Out Noodles at home courtesy of Bon Appetit Magazine!. No phone calls, no internet orders, half the price of takeout, a ton of leftovers, and just as easy as going through the process of placing an order and waiting around, and I can almost guarantee that it will take less time to get on the plate than any delivery service.


The twist is the following: instead of Udon, which was part of the original recipe, we used Soba noodles, which both of us preferred. The second was that we did a side by side tasting of the homemade sauce from the magazine’s recipe and bottled yakisoba sauce that Carly fell in love with when she lived in Japan teaching English for two and a half years. My last addition to the homemade sauce version was a sprinkling of Portuguese Fermented chile flakes, which seemed to be a new addition to the chile section of Savory Spice!


The results? Well, they honestly tasted exactly the same, and while the yakisoba was a little stickier/thicker than the homemade sauce, both were equally delicious and enticed us to a second helping as well. I think it also just goes to show that a little corner cutting doesn’t hurt anyone! This is going to be a recipe I will return to whenever the day has been too long and I’m on the fence between ordering out and just whipping this up (of which the latter will always prevail)! Here’s to taking out at home! — Cooking Maggie

Better-than-Takeout Stir-Fried Udon with Pork from Bon Appetit Magazine

**Note: Udon replaced for Soba Noodles


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  1. Beth McNicholas says:

    I printed this recipe to try it out but now I definitely will! I will use Udon for our family. I love soba but others in the house don’t share that feeling …

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    1. I have also noticed that using pale vs darker soba noodles has a different taste too. I like the darker soba noodles myself! 🙂


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