On Honey Cajun Shrimp

So, I know honey and lime screams more summer beach dinner than fall, but this shrimp is SO yummy I’ve now made it twice in the last four weeks, and most likely may make it again after it snows because it’s just so flavorful and finger licking good! And I’ve also figured out a tip that will make clean up a BREEZE after cooking it.


The thing I think I like the most is that this dish surprised me in the greatest way possible. Normally, I don’t prefer eating a meal that is sweet and savory at the same time (normally), and tend to veer more towards savory over sweeter main courses, but this dish may be the exception to my rule. It’s perfectly balanced between the tartness of the lemon, which helps cut the sticky sweetness of the honey, and the Cajun spice adds some depth with spice and those earthy savory notes I like so much.


And if you don’t have a grill, which I don’t, that’s okay! What I’ve used instead was a cast iron skillet (the first time, but never again, despite the amazing char it gets on the shrimp) and your basic non-stick skillet. I prefer the skillet for cooking this dish mostly because the honey likes to stick to the bottom of the pan while you’re waiting for the shrimp to get that really wonderful charred crust on it, which on a cast iron skillet means using water and a little soap to break it up, which I really dislike doing because then that adds more time afterwards for re-seasoning the pan I’ve basically just stripped. With the skillet, I added the shrimp individually rather than dumping the bowl with the remaining sauce/marinade, which prevented there being too much liquid in the pan (which meant it would take longer to get the crust and end up burning most of the marinade) so my shrimp got that crust and a quick soak in warm soapy water got all the sticky remains off the pan in no time! I also threw the remaining marinade in about 30 seconds before I was going to take the shrimp off the heat and serve it up with some rice and vegetables.


In terms of the dipping sauce, I honestly don’t think the shrimp needs it, though it does add that extra bit of tang to it, but I did sprinkle the shrimp with a little fresh parsley though, which I think adds a nice note of freshness to it! Super easy to make, and incredibly tasty! I definitely recommend it (and I also recommend checking out RasaMalaysia’s Panda Express Copy Cat Chow Mein, which is another one of my favorites from her)! —Cooking Maggie



Grilled Honey Cajun Shrimp from RasaMalaysia



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