On Banana Cake

Fall = Baking Fever! I know I’ve really dropped the ball on the baking challenge I had set for myself at the beginning of the year, but with Fall officially upon us, all I want to do is fill my kitchen with warmth and the smell of baked pies and cake!! Basically, I want my home to smell like BAKED GOODS GALORE!! So, to start off my baking fever, I started with something a little on the healthy side! BANANA CAKE!

I’ve been on a banana binge now that I’m doing breakfast smoothies (two recipes on the way, I promise!), so I definitely had a handful lying around to put to some good, delicious use! I love Banana Bread, but I wanted to push the envelope a little more and do something I hadn’t tried before. I used this recipe specifically because it came with a video, which for the baking-challenged such as myself, was VERY helpful for me in knowing what was the right consistency and there was a really helpful note regarding baking time because all ovens are different with cooking time.


The cake was delicious, but after a bite, realized it could have used a few more minutes to bake (I only baked for 60 minutes, and the toothpick came out clean, but wasn’t as brown on top as I would have likes, whereas 65-70 would have put it to perfection), and I should have whipped/mixed my batter just a little longer so it got more air into it (the cake was a little on the dense side). But overall, amid the lessons I am still learning about baking—which is okay because I do like to learn new things every time I make something new—this recipe is easy to make and pretty hassle free (especially if you cheat and use store bought icing instead of making your own, which I did because I was baking at night and after a long day, sometimes those little outs are the way to go)! Plus it looks really pretty! More baking to come, especially a funfetti cake, strawberry cream scones, and more cheesecakes! Not very fall, but baking nonetheless! — Cooking Maggie


The Best Banana Cake from Spend with Pennies

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