On More Screen Time & Good Ol’ Cheesey Chicken & Broccoli

It’s official! We are all moved in, but by no means unpacked…wha wha! But I finally made my first official meal in our kitchen! PF Chang Copy Cat Lettuce Wraps! Easy, simple, and a great way to kind of break my kitchen in just a little bit! I have a TON of recipes I’ve collected over the last couple weeks, so worry not folks, I am going to be posting like crazy…once I get the boxes out of my study!


But funny enough, I have once again found myself in front of a camera, but this time, it was to help out a friend, Jimmy Boratyn, in need of a subject for one of his class finals! Jimmy also happens to be the husband of my friend Melissa who helped me with my Food Network submission, who is also a director/film maker! If ever there was a power couple in film, this dynamic duo would be it! I don’t have the video right now, but I have included the Chicken Divan recipe that my mom has been using for years, and I do mean years, and though I tried to cook it my way this time…Momma does know best. While she uses rotisserie chicken, I think pan frying bite-sized pieces of chicken rather than leaving the chicken breasts whole would work just as well, and while cheddar cheese is delicious, next time, I’m going to even it out with some shredded Mozz or Monterey Jack so it’s not so…bright yellow. And for the sauce, I made it more to Frankie’s liking (thick and creamy), but I think it needs to be just a little more runny to better coat all the ingredients in its cheesy goodness!



BUT that being said for things I plan to do next time, LET ME TELL YOU, this dish HITS the spot, and there’s nothing I find more beautiful than steamed broccoli. I mean, did you see that gorgeous color?! And you might think that adding rice underneath is a little weird, but it’s not at all! Cheese and rice actually pair together really nicely, in a strange kind of way, but it’s just like any rice based casserole, plus the rice adds a really lovely texture to the creamy gooey-ness of the cheese, not to mention adding just the slightest hint of sweetness, which I think helps to counterbalance the rich savory notes from the cheese.


Sure, it’s a little plain and maybe not the prettiest looking dish, and yeah, it’s simple, but sometimes plain and simple is just the way to go! — Cooking Maggie


Traditional Chicken Divan from Food.com

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