On Pupcakes

On Sunday, we celebrated Tuggs’ Second Birthday! In dog years, that’s 14 years old, which makes Tuggs an actual dog, rather than a puppy, but he’ll always be my puppy forever. But to make his day a little more special (because I am that kind of dog mom, which if you don’t believe me, just check out Tuggs’ Instagram page: @lordtuggs), I made him Apple & Peanut Butter Pupcakes, using a recipe I found on Sugar & Soul Co.



The main two things that I did differently was that I used brown rice flour instead of whole wheat flour so as to make these pupcakes gluten free, which, for some of my fellow dog owners, is the preferred dietary need of their fur babies. And honestly, there shouldn’t be too much difference between them to completely alter the final product. And then, on that note, to make it just a little bit healthier, I decided to forgo the whipped cream topping. Not because I wanted to make this pupcake any healthier, but rather because we have zero A/C in our new apartment and with the oven on already, it was an inferno in my kitchen that would immediately melt any kind of whipped cream that I could in fact whip up. No use in wasting good heavy cream when the conditions are less than ideal. But considering how fast Tuggs scarfed down his cake, I don’t think he cared much anyway.


What I think I like most about this recipe is that this isn’t just for the dogs. Because all the ingredients are human grade, you can absolutely enjoy one of these cakes yourselves. Though, I will warn you, it’s not going to be what you think it is. Given the kinds of ingredients used, and the fact that the batter is incredibly wet, the cake itself is very dense, and almost has the texture of a carrot or zucchini cake, especially with the grated apple in the batter. It’s not great, but not terrible either. I can still remember the dog cake I ordered for Tuggs’ birthday last year, and THAT was terrible. I won’t mention the bakery I got it from because you know what, their cake was absolutely perfect for the dogs that got to enjoy it, but I will say, mashed potato frosting is definitely not my thing…and the cake itself tasted like dirt, but Tuggs & his puppy friends didn’t seem to mind all that much! Also this cake is not super sweet, even with the honey, but again, this is more for the dog than for the hoomans that love them. Oh, and if you do decide to try on, I would recommend eating it sans doggie treat, which I included in all the cakes I made for the dogs.


And overall the cakes were a complete success (if you couldn’t tell by Tuggs’ happy smile), and we brought them up north to Frankie’s parents house that evening to share them with all of their dogs, and boy oh boy were there some happy canines! This was incredibly easy to make, no fuss, just mix, pour, bake, and serve, and definitely a recipe I’ll remake for special puppy occasions to be sure! It’s just a cute way to brighten up the days of the animals that brighten our lives! Even they deserve a little extra attention now and again!

—Cooking Maggie


Apple & Peanut Butter Pupcakes from Sugar & Soul Co

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  1. Wow!!!! it’s amazing


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