On Absence & Full Blown Happiness

Dear Cooking Friends,

My apologies for being so MIA lately. You all know that I moved, and didn’t really have chance to unpack fully before I left for Israel, and then we got busy at work, and THEN, well there’s no other way to put it, I GOT ENGAGED!!! Ahhhhhhhh!

So forgive me the lack of posts this month. I have A TON for July (while I am traveling again), but come the end of July I will be a Cooking and wedding planning fiend! Oh, and the one and only Cooking Mama Sully may make another appearance too! I’m more excited than I can say and I appreciate your patience while I pull myself back down to real life amid all this traveling and celebrating. I cannot wait to share some new fish recipes (like “Maggie Maggie” Fajita Tacos, made with Mahi Mahi), some healthy veggie pan recipes, a couple new summer desserts, oh, and some delicious future wedding appetizers, SO STAY TUNED!!!

— With a full and happy heart, Cooking Maggie


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