On Sweet Potato Jerky and Gluten Free Dog Biscuits

As much as I love my pup, sometimes, he can be just a little pathetic when he stares at me in

Mom, I think you need to make me something now…

the kitchen, but I don’t blame him! Here I am cooking and baking away for me and the main man of the house, and the little fur ball only gets table scraps (and by table scraps, I mean, he gets a whole apple, or a piece of my breakfast banana, or just regular old-fashioned dog treats from the store). So I thought, you know what, tonight is the night to do something sweet and special for the little nugget, in addition to sharing said treats with some of my fellow canine owners at work. So last night, I outdid myself in fine fashion—the result of which means there will be no Sloppy Joe post this time around, BUT never fear, there will be more Sloppy Joes had over the next few months, so no doubt I’ll get to it and be able to share away!

The first treat I made was the easiest. Sweet Potato. (Check.) Mandolin. (Check.) Baking Sheet. (Check.) Thin slices of sweet potato (I did mine this time at 3/8″), baked at 300° for 25 minutes on one side, then 25 more minutes on the other. Let cool on sheet. Keep in airtight container. I won’t quote Thug Kitchen—my family does peruse these posts every so often—but they were so freaking easy to make. However, a few notes that Thug Kitch doesn’t mention in their own recipe. 1) Don’t bake two sheets at once. One at a time is best. 2) They said 1/8″ was a good thickness, but honestly I think that’s too thick. I think next time, I’m going to try 1/4″ and see what happens. 3) For my slices at 3/8″, I needed a little longer than 25 per side. It was more like…35-40 per side, but you gotta gauge by your own eye whether it’s done or not. I think more experimentation is in order, and given how simple and hassle-free it was, I think I’ll be making these weekly. Other than that, a very, very happy puppers!

The second thing I made was a Gluten-Free Peanut Butter Pumpkin Cookie! I’ve noticed that when I made the oat balls with regular milk, it messed up my pups digestive system a little, where as these cookies seem to do him more good! Perhaps it is also the use of all purpose flour that doesn’t help, over the gluten free variety that I used this time. All I do know is that my pup eagerly looks at me in the hopes that I’ll pull a sweet treat out of the boxes I’ve kept them in for a mid-day munch, rather than silently judging me for being stingy with the yummy food I’ve been making. It’s not like he’s asking for too much, right?

To keeping all our beloved fur worms happy! —Cooking Maggie

Sweet Potato Jerky Dog Treats from Thug Kitchen

Gluten Free Dog Biscuits from H20 Bungalow

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