On Chocolate Chip Cookies Part 2

Now that I think about it, I should have asked my mom for this recipe YEARS ago…this is where I should have started, because these cookies? ALMOST PERFECT! [So, yes, there will be a part 3, but no recipe for this post…I want to share the final recipe when I’ve tested it to perfection, but will include the changes I plan to make so you can always back track what’s in here to what Not almost perfect in the way I remember eating them in high school after I’d get home, dipping two (okay, maybe three) cookies into a big glass of milk, but perfect in the way that they’re what I was aiming for when I started this whole Chocolate Chip Cookie journey.IMG_3370

Part 1 Cookies: Too rich, too soft, too thick. I know, it’s pretty much how I like my cookies too, but the richness just stuck with you, a little cloying, that’s what I’m trying to say. This batch? Well, first off, I had more confidence behind my actions. Definitely just put my head down and baked those cookies, trying to not get so caught up in what I was doing and just making them. Secondly, I was A LOT more aware of what my cookies were doing, and instead of blaming myself for doing something wrong, I was thinking about how the ratios were impacting how the cookies were coming out. I already know the sugar ratios (this recipe, 1-1 cup of white to brown, is off, and would have been less crispy/brown around the edges if it had been 1 1/2 to 1/2 brown sugar to white sugar – since my research has shown that brown sugar = chewy, and white sugar = crispy). And it would have helped if I had cooked them about 2 minutes less (12 minutes total), so I’ve already noted that a 9/10 minute cook time should be most appropriate (cooking one pan on the bottom, one on top, and rotating up and down, back and forth, halfway through of course). I also did a microwave soft butter (so some was melted, some was not, but my research has also shown that in most cases it doesn’t make the biggest difference), but next time, I’m going to completely melt and brown that sucker! It should add a nicer brown color to my cookies too, so I’m excited to try that out!


Next, my mom added oatmeal to her recipe, but recommended (like she did from the oatmeal raisin cookie recipe I did) to grind them up a little first. Now, here I did screw up, because instead of grinding them separately (because I thought my mini food processor was in the dish washer, when in fact, my lunch bag was hiding it), I threw it into my blender with the other dry ingredients. Nope. I got oatmeal flour, and even if I had blended the oatmeal first in the blender, it would have likely done the same where my processor would have just broken it up a little more. So that was on me, but I’m making these suckers again this weekend, so I’ve got that on my radar NOT to do again.


Then, after reading this step on numerous occasions, I did add my eggs into my batter one at a time so that they mixed and emulsified with my other wet ingredients better. And I had my scoop this time for PERFECT little balls of joy! They were all the same, which now makes that step one less thing for me to be nervous or anxious about! [My new favorite, delightful little contraption!]

So now, here’s where I’ve chosen a side based on how I’ve seen these little cookies perform in my oven. I did NOT let this dough rest in the fridge this time around, and I won’t do it again. While I was thrilled these cookies spread as beautifully as they did, I do realize that the chill factor does prevent them from getting as thin as they did. Not that this batch wasn’t delicious, they were more to my taste (albeit not as soft as I would have liked them to be), so I’m on the right track, but now it’s just about getting the ratio right. When in doubt, everyone should know that momma does in fact know best!

Continuing to bake like a fiend! —Cooking Maggie


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  1. A cook time of 8-9 minutes works best in my oven, depending on how long it has been at temp. Cooking for 12 minutes would burn the batch, but it does depend on your oven and how accurately the temp markings are with the actual temp.

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