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I know I’ve mentioned this before, and I hope my other culinary inclined readers don’t think I’m revealing a secret (or what would constitute as a secret), but if you know of a place that sells spices, and I do mean just spices (with the odd accouterment for your spices like racks and mortar & pestles or pepper grinders), don’t ever go anywhere else. I mean it. I’m normally not picky about what I cook with since the only things I really have access to are my typical grocery stores until Farmer Market season, but I will always go out of my way to buy spices from my shop. Savory Spice on Lincoln Avenue is AMAZING! Not only does it smell incredible, but they have EVERYTHING you might need, and if they don’t have it in store, they’ll likely have it online and will send it directly to your home! But that’s not what I love about them the most.

It’s the quality of their product and the incredibly knowledgeable and friendly staff. I mean, what foodie doesn’t want to talk with another foodie about food?! [I will answer my own rhetorical question with a literal answer: I DO!] But just as you’re walking around, looking at all there is to see, you can tell that the spices just look better, but for sure they smell and taste better too! I have used all the brands I could find at my local grocer, even the more expensive organic brands, but I would end up using double what I normally use from here! The only other spot that is somewhat comparable are the Mariano’s that have fresh spice stations, but the prices there are just more than you’d like to pay, or what you’d think you would pay. ANYWAY….this miracle tea.

Lemon, Ginger, Honey. Done. Well…okay, some hot water and maybe I added/tweaked here and there after talking with my mom a little bit—add a bag of green tea once you’ve add the hot water and stirred, AND for extra ginger flavor/benefits, you can add these amazing ginger crystals that my mom found before leaving Hong Kong—but it’s simple, it doesn’t taste like tea [Frankie’s main reason for actually letting me make him this stuff when he’s sick], and it’s just so soothing. Plus it’s just plain good for you! I make a giant jar of the stuff (about two or three times a normal serving) and it keeps for two weeks, so I bring a couple jars with me to work and make a cup before bed. Recipe will be included below, but what I wanted to try this time was a Hot Toddy, which I needed some cloves and cinnamon sticks for, and thus my need to go to the spice store since I had zero cloves and my cinnamon sticks at home were not usable (oh, and if I recall correctly, I paid about $7 or 7 for them and they were scrawny little things with no flavor…seriously, find a local spice shop).


Stay warm and stay well (seriously, there’s a nasty bug going around so do whatever you can to fend it off)! — Cooking Maggie (finally healthy again and back to picking recipes…thank goodness!)

Miracle Tea


  • 1 cup of Honey
  • 1 Lemon sliced into mini wedges
  • Ginger (about the same size as lemon), sliced thinly


  1. Slice lemon into mini wedges. Shave and thinly slice ginger.
  2. Pour honey over ginger and lemon slices in a jar..
  3. To make the tea: boil water, pour about ¼ cup of the mixture into a mug. Pour in hot water, stir, and enjoy!
  4. Can also add ½ packet of ginger honey crystals and steep bag of green tea after pouring in hot water.

Note: Try shaving ginger into batch for extra ginger flavor.


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  1. Bradley K and Maureen D Sydnor says:

    I am going to make Miracle Tea for my mild cold. I love your recipes!

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