Recommendation: Summer House Santa Monica

img_3187So, as I may (or may not) have mentioned, I love to read, and as it so happens, my sorority alumnae group just started up a new book group! HUZZAH! And the first month’s pick happened to be one of mine! We ended up reading The Nest by Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney, and I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a good read right now! And the great thing about this book group though, aside from having an excuse to read during my lunch time during the work week, is that we will be going to some pretty awesome spots for munchies while we discuss! So naturally, I took it upon myself to make an opportunity out of our book group meetings to recommend a pretty cool spot I had never heard of before. Allow me to present: Summer House Santa Monica.

Located in the Lincoln Park, DePaul area, this little place is tucked away off the main rush of Armitage, the building very unassuming, but inside, that’s a totally different matter. Tiny restaurant front coffee & cookie shop, wine bar to the right, main dining to the left, natural lighting and greenery for days. The entire rooftop skylight is in fact the most appealing feature, next to the really relaxed, linen decor, but I think that plays well in allowing the food to speak for itself, food that is relaxed in its own way. Nothing here is fussy and that made it the perfect setting for discussing some modern literature!

I’ve also been on this kick of avocado toast ever since going to Earl’s Kitchen last month. Normally, I’m not a huge avocado on its own kind of girl, but the one at Earl’s was the perfect size and just utterly delicious! So naturally, when I saw it on the menu here, I had to get it, and it was really delicious, albeit a little hard to eat without ruining the way it was stacked, and a tiny bit on the burnt side underneath, but nothing I didn’t mind! The Chicken & Waffles—another favorite of mine on any menu—were a close second, and they looked delicious, so I will definitely be trying those next time! But for the first real meeting of the group, the place couldn’t have been more perfect! A GREAT brunch recommendation for anyone in the area (or if you’re from the West Coast and looking for a little piece of home). YUM! — Cooking Maggie



Summer House Santa Monica: 1954 N. Halstead Street, Chicago, IL 60614


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