On Doggie Breath Mint & No Bake Peanut Butter Treats

So, per suggestions from many of my family and friends, this post is all about my little lord, Tuggs! And not just the fact that my pup is adorable and goofy—which he obviously is—but rather about a new thing I wanted to try this year. Homemade Dog Treats.

Normally, a special SPECIAL treat involves going to a pet boutique and letting the puppers sniff out something yummy by his standards, maybe not by ours. One of his favorites is a beef tendon (these look a little laffy taffy-esque) and beef trachea (yes, you read that right, trachea). It sounds gross, looks gross, and honestly feels gross, but he loves them, and they’re good for cleaning his teeth and supporting his joints (which for small legged dogs, that’s really important). Plus, they’re natural, so spending a couple extra bucks on something that makes him happy and keeps him healthy seems well worth it to me!

If you’re not sure where to find these delightfully disgusting looking treats, try your nearest pet boutique (a commercial pet store should have something, but I know I’ll find what I need every time at a boutique and simply put, I like to support my small local businesses too). If you’re in Chicago Ravenswood/Lincoln Square area (or there abouts), here are some of my favorite places:

  1. Ruff Haus Pets (Love the service here!)
  2. Fido To Go (TREAT STORE ON WHEELS! LOVE THEM! They are usually in Lincoln Square on Sundays if the weather is nice, but you can message them to find out where they are!)
  3. 4 Legs (They have tiny little pupcakes near their register, which Tuggs found utterly declicious!)
  4. Bentley’s Pet Stuff (Adorable store! And they have a location up in Skokie!)
  5. Jameson Loves Danger (Tuggs got his newest bone from here on a lunch date with Dad, and boy oh boy was he the happiest!)

Now, for the experiments at hand: the treats! Now, dogs are known to not have the best smelling breath, and since Tuggs seems to like everything human grade (that is also dog-safe of course) I thought I would try a breath freshener that was also very scrumptious and good for him! Parsley: in small doses, parsley provides great antioxidants & vitamins, and can help with settling an upset stomach. Mint: also in small doses, mint is a reducer of many troublesome tummy issues like gas, nausea, travel sickness (AND, for animals undergoing chemo, it can help reduce radiation-induced sickness and mortality! It’s a super herb!). Together, bad breath be gone! Add a little plain yogurt (I used low-fat), freeze in paw shaped silicone molds, and you have a treat that gets the little wiggle butt moving!

Frozen Mint Dog Treats from 12Tomatoes

The other treats I decided to try were no-bake peanut butter treats from Damn Delicious blogger, Chungah, who is also a fellow corgi owner! Boy oh BOY was Tuggs ever talkative while I was making these! He’s too smart for his own good and knows that when I go into the bottom cupboard, it means only one thing: Peanut Butter time! And these were way too easy to make to not make them again! Just remember, DO NOT  get pumpkin pie filling!

Note: I got totally lost and confused looking for pumpkin puree in my grocery store, simply because I have never bought canned pumpkin before. Your canned pumpkin will be in the baking isle, underneath the pre-made graham cracker pie crust tins. Your store may also have organic pumpkin, which was what I purchased.

And these were just as easy to make, and my pup couldn’t handle the smell of peanut butter, jumping and whimpering around my feet. I couldn’t help myself, and gave him a little lick off the ol’ beater, like my mom used share a beater with me whenever she made cookies when I was a little girl. It was kind of adorable. I will say, I needed just a little more than 1/2 a cup of oats, but that’s an easy fix by just adding a little more. See the link below if you want to try it out on your own pooch!

No Bake Peanut Butter Dog Treats Recipe from Damn Delicious


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