Recommendation: Spacca Napoli

As it so happens, today was a MAJOR friendaversary for me and many of my Kappa Kappa Gamma sisters! Eight years ago (good lord) I joined Kappa Kappa Gamma after a grueling weekend of Formal Recruitment! And wouldn’t you know it, I had planned to have dinner with one of my beloved sisters who moved to our fair city about six months ago. (I was such a bad friend last year, but frankly, last year was just pretty darn awful and we don’t like to talk about it, so we won’t!)
Why Go: Because the food speaks for itself. I mean, sure the ambiance is warm, but its simple, and not really much to ooh and aah over, but that’s not the point of going. The point is to eat some of the best, most authentic pizza you’ll find anywhere in this city. THAT’S why you go.
Food: Okay, so first thing is first. Check the specials board. If you see “BURRATA” on it, GET IT. Even before you get your water, before they even get to the specials, ORDER THE BURRATA. You won’t regret it, I promise you! The cheese is gooey and warm, and it just slips right out of its bubble casing like an elegant dance. It’s outstanding, and the crostini’s that come with it are just PERFECTLY toasted. Not too crunchy where your mouth is bleeding from every bite, but not so soft that it’s all just a mush in your mouth, which isn’t pleasant for anyone. As for the other appetizers, I’m way too full from burrata to try anything else, but my goal is to go back with Frankie (since he’s never been) and order more apps instead of a pizza, just to diversify my recommendation a little more.
The pizzas are what Spacca Napoli are known for, and it’s no wonder. The style of the dough, and its presentation are classically Italian. You cut your own pizza, with the pizza cutter provided to your table, and it’s just perfectly crisp, but soft and gooey from cheese and thinness. I’m all for thin pizzas that crunch in my mouth, but the dough is usually very buttery, very dense, very heavy. This dough is light, hand pulled, floury, soft, and you could EASILY eat your entire personal pizza in just that sitting. The ingredients are very Italian (as you would expect, but boy do they mean business) and treated with the utmost respect that any outstanding ingredient, like theirs, deserves to be treated. I’ve had the Diavola (spicy pepperoni, shown first) at a previous eating with a friend who got the Bufalata (also delicious)! This time I had the sausage and rapini pizza (to the right), while my friend had the Prosciutto e Rucola (prosciutto and arugula, shown to the right). Both were delicious and I have my eye on a couple of other pizzas that I saw walking by during our meal!

Spacca Napoli: 1769 W Sunnyside Avenue, Chicago, IL 60640

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