Ricotta Gnocchi a la Geoffrey Zakarian

Gnocchi. Infamous, gnocchi…I’ve never had the guts to attempt gnocchi at home because it’s just one of those things that’s just super daunting, but not this year! This is a year of taking risks and trying new things! And plus, I’m tired of having a craving for it and feeling like the only place I can get it is by going to eat at fancy Italian restaurants, which on the special occasion isn’t always a bad thing, especially if it’s Balena on Halstead, because that was one of the best gnocchi’s I’ve ever had (see following recommendation post).

But back to the task at hand…my first attempt at homemade gnocchi! (With Tuggs, as promised.)
Being the pinner and Food Network fan that I am, when I see a pin for Geoffrey Zackarian’s Ricotta Gnocchi, which he demonstrated during an episode of The Kitchen–which I admit, I don’t watch as much as my other go to’s like Chopped and Beat Bobby Flay–the first mistake (yes, mistake) was that I didn’t want the video included with the recipe before I started to cook. Cooking Tip: Watch the way he makes his dough, because I had it right from the start, but added more flour to make it less sticky which was my second mistake…but again, these things we learn, and I plan on making gnocchi more this year so I can master it.
Not to say the gnocchi didn’t turn out alright! It did and the actual making of it was a lot of fun, but they turned out a little on the denser side of things, so next time, I will cut the dough into eighths rather than fourths, so that there isn’t as much dough to try and finagle with, and that’ll help with not overworking it as much.
The pancetta sauce was delicious, but unlike what the recipe says to do, GZ added his basil WHEN HE SERVED…discrepancy! And that’s the way I should have done it as well because the basil got lost in the sauce after I added it RIGHT before I added the gnocchi to the sauce for a good hot second. And that extra drizzle of olive oil…I need one of those little oil bottles with the tall/pointy spout, like they have at any Italian joints. I think that extra drizzle would have made the dish just a little more delicate in the end.
And the result: a little on the heavy side. But the trying to work with too much flour/over working the dough was on me, only because I’m new to this, so I’ll admit fault to that. I will say though, that next day leftover gnocchi was softer than day of, so not a total loss! Just will need to take some more time and a little more patience.

Note: I also served the Gnocchi with roasted green beans, which Tuggs LOVED munching on when I found myself with some leftover fresh ones! They make for healthier (and cheaper) treats than regular dog treats.
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